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There are one million things vying for our attention every single day. How do we prioritize what really matters and not just let life happen to us? If you’re like me, you’re trying, really trying, to create a beautiful life. Yet you find yourself distracted, tired and confused as to what your best, next step should be. Well, no longer friend. Hey, y’all, I’m Heather Adams, a busy wife, mother, CEO, and champion for women. Join us every week, right here, as we navigate together relationships, leadership, wellness, and pop culture to regain our sense of purpose through intentional living.

Let’s, together, design and live a life we love. Welcome to This Intentional Life.

Episode 49: How to Succeed at Being Partners in Business & Life with Hunter and Cameron Premo

 Live Date: 3/8/2021 Show Description: In today’s episode, we’re talking with the dynamic husband-and-wife, photographer-and-influencer duo Hunter and Cameron Premo about what it looks like to partner in life and in work. Cameron and Hunter are high school sweethearts who’ve worked together to utilize Cameron’s phenomenal photography and web design skills to build Hunter’s platform as...

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Episode 47: PR Trends You Need To Know For 2021

 Live Date: February 19, 2021 Show Description: Joined by Choice’s very own Senior Publicist and Publicist, Olivia and Tiffany break down the evolution of the PR industry, top PR trends for 2021, the importance of keeping up with these trends, how to know if you or your company is pitch worthy, and practical tips on how...

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Episode 46: How To Turn Passion Into Profit With Designer Carissa Miller

 Live Date: February 15, 2021 Show Description: If you’ve ever wondered how to turn your passion into a successful profitable business, this episode is for you. We’re chatting with Carissa Miller, lead designer and co-owner of the successful build and design wife and husband duo company, CC + Mike. Carissa shares insight on steps to take...

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Episode 44: How To Share Your Stuff To Build Meaningful Connections with Laura Tremaine

 Live Date: February 1, 2021 Show Description: Today’s episode features Hollywood housewife, author, famed blogger and podcast host, Laura Tremaine. Laura shares insight on the significance of being vulnerable in order to cultivate deeper connections, steps to intentionally being a good friend during difficult seasons, her practical and personal  perspective on anxiety, and the different ways...

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Episode 41: How to Determine Your 5 Non-Negotiables in 2021

 Live Date: January 11, 2021 Show Description: It’s a new year with a clean slate and fresh perspective. Self-care, productivity, organization, goal-setting - it’s all likely at the top of your priority list right now. How can we maintain that perspective all year and really make it happen in 2021? Heather argues that developing your 5...

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