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Live Date: January 18, 2021


Show Description: Heather is joined by talented artist, entrepreneur and mom, Jena Holiday, founder of creative studio, Spoonful of Faith. Jena is someone who believes that using our gifts empowers us to share our voice, Jena shares insightful tips on how to use your gifts, balancing home and work, and best questions to ask when trying to ensure your gifts and purpose align.  


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Biggest Takeaways:


  • Jena strongly believes that using our gifts is an empowering way to share our voice, and if we don’t find a way to express those gifts, we’re missing out on a really important part of impacting the lives of others. 


  • While your dreams and goals can seem overwhelming and unattainable at times, Jena advises that the magic is in the baby steps. Slow down, take your time, and use your gifts by utilizing the resources, time, and support you already have. As a result, growth will inevitably come. 


  • Jena is no stranger to wearing several hats. As such, she has come up with a set of questions and tips to ask yourself when striving for that ultimate work life balance: 
    • Get clear on what your why is and truly think about what the significance of what you’re doing is to you 
    • What is your family and personal life and how do you want that to look?
    • Then, figure out how you can get these things done which could mean getting help and leaning into your support system  
    • Give 100% of yourself in whatever you’re doing at the time so you’re able to focus on that aspect of your day and get it done well 


  • Women have been known to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, but both Jena and Heather shared the importance of letting go the guilt and shame that often comes with asking for help to be able to fully commit to the life you desire and be fulfilled. 




  • “I felt like I became a mom and my first born is a girl, my daughter Layla, she’s six. I just felt like I was really big on saying think big and dream big and like go after things. But there were so many things that I hadn’t been doing and I felt, well, I can’t tell my daughter to do these things and like that she can be anybody and do anything if I won’t even do the things that I like have been wanting to do. And so it was really like a push at that point to be the example that I wanted her to see.” – Jena Holiday – 6:58



  • “I think that’s the power–is that when we take the expectations off of it and we really just do it as part of our lives as just a part of how we live, then our voice is so much stronger through everything that we touch and do.” Jena Holiday – 11:06




  • “I know that there’s this huge idea. And sometimes we think about it as this mountain, because it seems so big. Like how will I ever do it? How will I ever get there? But if we just break it down and say, what can I do in my life right now with who I’m connected with, with who I have in my circle with the gifts that I have right now with the resources I have right now. And we start thinking about that on a minuscule level, trust me, it will grow into more.” – Jena Holiday – 18:59




  • My best advice is to look around you and see what your hands can contribute to within what you have right now, and just trust that if you continue to just kind of walk forward in that, in those small steps, it will grow into greater if that’s what you want, you know?” Jena Holiday – 20:08



  • I think for so many years, you know, we all helped and worked as a family unit. But, uI know there was so much more than our mom still was doing, but it got to a point as we were getting older and stuff, I just started seeing her ask for help. I just started seeing her really ask the question, what is it worth? Because when I have too much on my plate, like mentally, I can’t manage everything and I’m a different person. I can’t be the kind mother. I can’t be all of these things. And it’s really just what is it worth? Jena Holiday – 32:20



  • “Honestly, I think that women carry a lot of things that we might only be able to understand. And I think that when we go beside someone and kind of help hold their arms up, there’s just power in our unity. There’s power in us working together. And I really, really, really love the saying it takes a village because it does. And I think when we start to think that way and we start to realize we cannot do all things and be all things to everyone, and we need people standing with us, helping us, mentoring us, helping hold our arms up, helping to you know, be there for our kids. When we start to realize the importance of that then we can be there for others.” Jena Holiday – 35:33



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AUTHOR: Haley Trejo
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