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Title: How to Win at Work and Succeed in Life with Megan Hyatt Miller 


Live Date: December 28, 2020


Show Description:  Today, Heather is joined by long-time friend Megan Hyatt Miller. As a mom of 5 and COO of Michael Hyatt & Co, one of the fastest growing leadership development firms in the world, Megan believes in the double win which teaches us how to win at work and succeed in life. Megan also opens up about stepping away from social media and gives us practical tips on how to create the best ritual for your specific season of life.


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Biggest Takeaways:


  • One of Megan’s goals includes helping people achieve the double win which means winning at work and succeeding in life. This concept was born out of Megan’s desire not to compromise time with her family and climbing the professional ladder. Megan believes with the right vision and practices in place, you don’t have to choose.


  • Megan also opens up about her decision to take a break from social media after recognizing that she was spending entirely too much time on the different platforms and struggled with comparing herself to others. She got tired of her life feeling productized and feeling like her children were just props.


  • Both Megan and her Father, CEO Michael Hyatt, have mastered the art of the ritual. Megan shares insight with listeners about its significance saying if we can automate the parts of our lives that we would typically spend making daily decisions, then we can conserve our best energy for the things that matter most. When crafting your ritual, Megan believes it doesn’t have to be long or complicated for it to be beneficial, and we should work with the time you have to make your ritual attainable and realistic. 


  • This year in particular has proven to be most difficult working from home and not being able to fully wind down at the end of each day. Megan walks us through practical tips for work life balance:
    • Write a list about what’s great about working from home
    • Implement boundaries such as set work hours and dedicated office space to avoid working all day 
    • You must have a change of pace in your day which can look like taking a walk or stepping away for lunch 


  • As a productivity expert, Megan believes that rather than thinking about what we can be doing to be productive in 2021, it’s critical to pause and reflect on your vision and how you want to design the upcoming year.




  • “And so I was faced with this choice: do I turn down the greatest professional opportunity of my life so that I can prioritize my family or do I take the professional opportunity and maybe make some compromises with my family that I’m going to look back on and regret, like it’s an impossible choice is how it feels. And I bet you guys have felt that yourselves, you’ve had moments where you feel like you’re having to choose. And so the idea of the double win comes from what if we didn’t have to choose? Maybe you don’t have kids, but maybe there are aspects of your personal life that you really care about your health, your most important relationships, the contribution you’re making in your community. What if you didn’t have to choose between reaching your potential professionally and attending to your life outside of work and really succeeding at life in a holistic sense?”. – Megan Hyatt Miller 7:56


  • “So the idea of the double win is that we are rejecting the idea that there has to be a compromise. And what we’re saying is real success looks like not only succeeding at work or winning at work, but it also looks like succeeding in your life as a whole”  – Megan Hyatt Miller 8:43



  • “I thought man, I’m doing well in my self-care, you know, I’m exercising, I’m paying attention to my nutrition and sleeping, you know, all the ordinary stuff, but I am not thinking about my soul care. And what if soul care was actually a leadership discipline? What if how I show up for my team, for my family, you know, what I’m able to contribute as directly related to how I’m caring for my soul.” – Megan Hyatt Miller – 13:00



  • “So a ritual or routine is really just a collection of habits that you do together that produce a positive result. So the most familiar to your listeners will be the morning ritual or their morning routine. We’ve all heard people talk about that and for good reason, because the way we start our day is often how we experience the rest of the day. It really sets us up for success or not. It doesn’t have to be long and it can be very relevant to the season of your life that you’re in right now. And I’ll talk a little bit more about that. You can do just a few little things that help you to focus, to help you arrive at the end of the day, feeling like you’ve accomplished the most important things and to really put you in the frame of mind to have a great day.” – Megan Hyatt Miller 21:07



  • “But what you really need is consistency and showing up for yourself, and I think if it’s even five minutes or maybe you can do 15 minutes, you can get a lot of benefit out of that and you can really communicate to yourself, Hey, I’m on the list. You know, I’ve made it on the list. I am my first priority and in the morning I need to take care of myself and do these things. I think the pay off of that is just incredible.” – Megan Hyatt Miller 26:01



  • “Our body thrives on transition points, and I think that’s what these rituals help us do is they cue our body. Okay now we’re going to do something that’s different, now we’re entering into a different time.” – Megan Hyatt Miller 28:14



  • “One of the kind of risk points of or the casualties of 2020 possibly is that we have been so focused on the present and so fearful about the future that we have forgotten that the future is a pretty exciting place. You know, that it’s something to actually look forward and that in fact, our best days are ahead of us and not behind us.” – Megan Hyatt Miller 35:58



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