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Live Date: January 25, 2021


Show Description: In today’s episode, we have the phenomenal mother and daughter duo, Suzanne and Grace. Both who, along with their family, founded a non-profit organization called Love+One. Suzanne Mayernick and Grace Hackett share tips to building a successful organization together, the secret to balancing a busy life, and finding your passion while pursuing a fulfilling career. Suzanne also opens up about the misconception of being called “Superwoman” in her family and how she’s been able to live up to the title through hardship and faith.


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This episode will teach you:

  • The upside of working with family and lessons learned to do this successfully 
  • The key to balancing it all by not doing everything all at once
  • How to turn a passion into a fulfilling a career
  • The truth about being “Superwoman” and how overwhelming moments can often lead to breakthrough 
  • How to maintain a posture of faith during seasons of uncertainty
  • How to simplify a really complicated world


The Big 3 – Episode Takeaways:

  • Contrary to what we’re often told, sometimes it’s better not to look at the big picture. Suzanne encourages you to focus on what’s right in front of you, one thing at a time. This is her secret to balancing the several hats she wears as a mom, wife, and CEO. 


  • Communication with God is a two-way street and it’s essential to take the time to pause and listen to what he has to say for clarity and direction. Grace says she has learned to ask God “what do you have for me today?” This will also help you to embrace the positive moments and live one day at a time. Focus on what you have around you, your family, etc. rather than looking at everything around you that makes you feel defeated.


  • After a year like 2020, it’s easy for you to feel a constant sense of fear and anxiety. Suzanne has found the beauty in remaining in control over little day-to-day things. If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, try doing the same by loving on your family a little harder and taking the time to practice soul care. Trust us, it’ll do wonders for your mental health.


Thoughts worth sharing:


  • “I would call my husband a lot of days just in tears saying I just can’t do it. I cannot get the laundry done. I can’t get dinner made. I can’t not even get a shower. And it felt very overwhelming. And I just felt with each child that I either had or we brought home, I felt the Lord just saying just look at the one that’s in front of me. Don’t look ahead. Don’t try to plan ahead. Look at the one that is in front of you.” – Suzanne Mayernick 18:47


  • “I’ve learned that if I plan out too far ahead, that things are gonna change. And then I feel defeated. And so I just don’t, I don’t plan next week. I know what’s going to happen this week and I have everything on my calendar for this week because I can manage that. But if you asked me what I’m doing next week, I can’t tell you.” – Suzanne Mayernick 21:13


  • “I’m so free from what the school or the world or everybody else tells me that I’m supposed to be at as a mom, because I really am focused on just today and what each child needs today. And none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. I mean, that’s biblical, you know, just like we don’t know what tomorrow holds. So while sometimes I feel like I’m behind, there’s other days where I think I’m actually ahead because I’m not focused on what’s ahead.” – Suzanne Mayernick 22:34


  • “Well probably my first little bit of encouragement would be to just know that He does not always call the equipped, but that He equips the called.” – Suzanne Mayernick 32:16


  • “I think that would probably be my biggest thing. If you feel like God’s calling you to do something first, number one, believe that if He’s calling you to do it and He’s going to equip you to do it. And then the second thing is just to follow His lead. And if a door opens, walk through it and if it closes, just stop and wait until it opens.” – Suzanne Mayernick 34:27


  • “You know, this last year I am more thankful for sunrises and sunsets than I had ever been. And you know, I had really held on to the fact God gives us a sunrise because He knows that we need something new every morning. And then He gives us a sunset because He knows that there’s only so much we can take in at a time.” – Suzanne Mayernick 45:00


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