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There are one million things vying for our attention every single day. How do we prioritize what really matters and not just let life happen to us? If you’re like me, you’re trying, really trying, to create a beautiful life. Yet you find yourself distracted, tired and confused as to what your best, next step should be. Well, no longer friend. Hey, y’all, I’m Heather Adams, a busy wife, mother, CEO, and champion for women. Join us every week, right here, as we navigate together relationships, leadership, wellness, and pop culture to regain our sense of purpose through intentional living.

Let’s, together, design and live a life we love. Welcome to This Intentional Life.

Episode 26: Enneagram Superpowers and Leading Each Type Well with Beth McCord

  Live Date: Monday, September 28, 2020 Show Description: On today’s episode, Heather talks all things Enneagram with Beth McCord! Also known as Your Enneagram Coach, Beth is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, and Enneagram teacher for nearly two decades. Heather walks through each Enneagram type with Beth, asking three specific questions in the realm of leadership....

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Episode 20: Injecting Beauty Into Our Home and Life with Julie Couch

 Live Date: Monday, August 24, 2020 Show Description:  Heather is joined today by Julie Couch, a renowned Nashville-based interior designer. Julie is a committed wife, mother of two, a member of the Southern Living Designer Network, and one of Traditional Home’s 10 Rising Stars. She is also a television veteran who charmed audiences on DIY Network...

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Episode 19: Allies, Not Competitors: Choice Summit 2020 Details

 Live Date: Friday, August 21, 2020 Show Description:  On today’s mini-episode, Heather shares all the details about our upcoming Choice Summit! On Friday, September 25, Choice will host our second Summit, bringing together communications industry professionals, small business owners, influencers, managers and leaders for an intimate day of professional growth and development, vulnerable conversation, and linking...

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