Thanksgiving is almost here! As we’re preparing to celebrate with our close friends and loved ones, we wanted to take a moment to share what we’re thankful for. This season we have been blessed with our health, a strong team, and wonderful clients. This is no small thing. We are looking forward to celebrating this holiday with you and sharing what we’re thankful for.



One year ago, Thanksgiving looked very different. My childhood home, where my parents had lived for 43 years, burned down. My mom had fallen and broken her hip and was just coming out of a wheelchair. My father had climbed a ladder (at the burned home) and fallen off. He was in the trauma unit of the ICU. Needless to say we were exhausted, depleted and devastated.

But here we are a year later and my parents have just purchased a home 5 minutes from ours. They’re slowly filling it with new pieces and lots of love. My boys are through the roof with joy. To have my mom and dad close by, where we can enjoy so much more time together regularly, is a gift I’m immeasurably grateful for this year in particular.




The forced time at home this year has made me exceptionally thankful for my husband, Jake. Like most other couples across the world, Jake and I have never spent months and months almost completely alone together. We had no idea how it would go, but it has honestly been so much fun. I’ve learned so much about him and us. We’ve found new hobbies we like doing together, as well as hobbies we can do on our own to create some space. We’ve worked on our house. We worked in the garden all spring and summer. So many sunsets over drinks on the back porch. I hope as we get further and further away from this year, some of the harder parts – layoffs, illness, tears, worry, hard conversations about our relationship, the election, social injustice – begin to soften and create growth, and that Jake and I hold on to all of the fond memories – so, so, so many laughs, the hours together on the couch with Netflix, the hard work we did together to make our house a dream home, the new music we danced to together, the board games we bought, the new recipes we tried, and the long talks that we didn’t have time for before. 





What a year we all have lived. I never imagined I would be thinking back to last Thanksgiving, praying for the busy days, and all of the time spent with friends and family. For the first time since moving to Nashville, I have had the time to sit back, relax, and look around at the beautiful community of people I have surrounded myself with here. I am so thankful for every one of them, how they have loved Justin and me, and to have found a group of supporting, loving, and understanding friends who have turned into family. 


This year has also made me so thankful for the time to focus on personal health and fitness. After spending months in quarantine, I realized how unhappy I was with how I looked, the food I was eating, and my commitment to fitness. I decided that the second half of 2020 was going to be focused on loving myself more. I have made progress on myself mentally and physically, which I never thought was possible. I look in the mirror for the first time in almost ten years and smile because I am so proud of who I am. 






After seven years of working at the company my husband and I met at, I was laid off due to Covid. Little did I know that the Lord had so much more in store for me. I was given the gift of six months at home with my two young boys as well as the opportunity to dream about a job that highlights all my gifts and gives me the opportunity to lean into my love of growing business’. I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent and bring in people of influence who are doing so much good in the world. I am also incredibly grateful for my husband and all the support and love that he showers us with daily.We are in the thick of crazy and yet it still stays fun because of the joy and spontaneity he brings to our home and relationship.





This year has made me realize how your entire life can quickly change overnight. In March, I lost my apartment due to a tornado, the world shut down because of COVID, and then I lost my job. I’m so thankful for so many things. First and foremost, for my boyfriend who is my biggest cheerleader and will do anything in his power to cheer me up and make me smile. He helped move me out of a destroyed apartment and encouraged me while I tried to find a job for 6 months, terrified of the future. I’m also thankful for my mom who talked to me almost every day in quarantine, listening to my rants, my concerns and my fears and continues to be the world’s best listener. This year made me realize that things come and go – material items, jobs, homes – but the relationships you have and who you surround yourself with is one of the most precious, important things in life. 





This year has been one intense roller coaster, but it has caused us all to slow down and appreciate the little things. There are so many things I’m thankful for – a God that has remained faithful in seasons of doubt, a family that has remained supportive in a season of uncertainty, and a business that has stayed afloat in a season of pitfalls. But what I’m most thankful for is this incredible group of women. It really is funny how life works. I remember being out of a job since the beginning of the year for over 7 months and feeling like all roads kept leading nowhere. But God had bigger plans all along–my Choice family. I’m incredibly blessed to have found a home in my job. A place my values align with and a team rooted in genuine love. 





We’ve all experienced a life altering year and one thing I’ve learned through this experience, is the importance of sharing in pivotal moments like this with people we love. I’m lucky in the sense that since I was ten days old, I’ve had a built-in best friend, my cousin Brooke. Together, we’ve navigated and shared every milestone in life. In 2016 we graduated high school on the same day and in 2020, we were ready to celebrate our college graduation together. Along with so many other class of 2020 graduates, this celebration looked much different than we could have ever envisioned, but despite the change in plans, I’m grateful for a built-in best-friend to share every walk of life with, simultaneously. For the first time ever, we no longer live within driving distance of each other after I moved across the country to Nashville, TN this year. However, this fall, she made the trip to come visit me in the Music City and I can say without a doubt that it has been the highlight of my year. I’m so thankful that no matter what life has in store for us, we’ll always be able to share, celebrate and commemorate those pivotal moments together through the same perspective. 





Never did I think I’d find myself saying I’m thankful for change, especially after a year like this. As someone who does not handle it well, it’s something I find difficult to express gratitude towards. However in 2020, my life has done nothing but change. I graduated from college (into a global pandemic), got a full time job, and moved out of my parents house all within a span of a few months. However, through this year of incessant change and uncertainty, I am thankful for a God who keeps His promises to His children. He remained faithful when I felt lost, when every opportunity fell through, and ultimately provided me with my dream job of being here at Choice after graduating. In the midst of all the discouragement and uncertainty, I received a new thankfulness for my INCREDIBLY selfless, encouraging, and loving parents who have blessed me with so much in so many ways. They have been steadfast throughout it all, and I can’t express my gratitude for them enough. Them, my incredible boyfriend, Maclean, and my group of girl friends have made me feel more loved and valued in a year of hurt and fear than I could ever imagine. So, I am THANKFUL for the unrelenting season of change this year. Who’d have thought, right?





While 2020 has been a year filled with many unexpected hardships for our entire world, it’s also given us an opportunity to slow down and take inventory of the things in our lives that truly matter the most. Over this year, I’ve learned how incredibly thankful I am for my family. While living out our second year of marriage through COVID, my husband has been my absolute rock and has cheered me on through the many life changes that have been thrown our way this year, while encouraging me to always be the best version of myself. This year has opened my eyes to how truly blessed I am to have my parents who have supported me, in more ways than one, throughout my entire life. The relationship we share now that I am an adult is something I thank the Lord for each day. The impacts of COVID have affected my sister and her family the most out of our family, as my young nephew has dealt with the back and forth of schooling. Watching my sister and her husband work full time jobs, while being full time parents, and also ensuring my nephew is receiving the schooling he needs has made me so thankful to know and be related to them. They are absolute rockstars, and I truthfully couldn’t handpick better people if I tried. Overall, this year has brought me the realization that — when all the stuff disappears, when the lights stop flashing downtown, the concerts pause, the hustle and bustle of the life we were living stop — that I’ve got the best people to surround myself with, and that is something I am extremely thankful for. 




I have always had 2020 marked as an important year for me. I knew for the past 4 years that it would be the year I graduated from college, would move to Nashville, and begin my career! Well, as we know, 2020 threw a few curve balls at us, to say the least! However, this year has also been one of incredible growth and exploration for me. I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in marketing! I am incredibly thankful for my time in college as it brought me my best friends, revealed my passions, and helped me grow as a person. I value my education and am thankful for all the people that supported me mentally, physically, and financially through this journey. Ultimately, I reached all the goals I had for this year, even if not in the way I had imagined. I got to have graduation (with masks and social distancing), accepted my first full-time position in an area I love, and am currently in the process of moving to Nashville! Overall, I am thankful for some pretty big things that happened for me this year and I think that deserves a cheers!




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AUTHOR: Heather Adams
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