As a busy young professional, I feel like I’m always missing something when walking out the door. To make sure I’m carrying around the right necessities to have a successful day while on the go, working two jobs and being a social butterfly, I reached out to our rockstar client, Julie Couch, as I knew she would have the perfect advice for the best essentials to carry at all times. 


Julie is a Nashville-based interior designer that has a passion for curated and collected homes, artful and sophisticated spaces that draw you in and that offer a bit of drama and a little whimsy. As a well-known, hard-working mother of two, successful business owner and a social butterfly herself, she continues to succeed in raising a family and building a personal home, all while running a booming business. Below are her favorite items:



What’s In Your Bag…


Julie’s essentials are the perfect mix of luxury and simplicity – just like her! I am excited to try some of Julie’s favorite items and add them to my daily bag. As someone who is always on the go, I believe having the perfect bag filled with the right necessities allows you to take on the day with confidence. What are your favorite must-haves for your bag?


    AUTHOR: Savannah Miller
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