I have always had a passion for health and wellness and my daily workout makes the top of my list. However, living in a new city, working from home and hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop, and traveling into Nashville often, exercise can easily fall to the bottom of my list. In order to keep it a priority, I make sure I always have my gym bag with me filled with the essentials so I never have an excuse for not getting a workout in.


To make sure I was carrying around all the necessities, I reached out to our beloved client, Julie Voris, as I knew she would be the best person to ask about must-have items in a gym bag. 


Julie is a renown fitness instructor and she has worked side-by-side with some of the top fitness experts in the country. Below are her favorite items:


  • NotebookI’ve got my notebook where I write out all my choreography notes for my class. I have notes dating back from years ago, I keep all my notes and a lot of my playlists.
  • Deodorant Wipes – I keep deodorant wipes in my bag all the time in case I’m running errands after I teach.
  • Kopari spray face toner  All-natural coconut oil-based. It’s AMAZING – to spritz on my face right after I teach.
  • Three-pound dumbbells – I use light weights in my class and bringing my own from home frees up a pair at the gym for a member. Plus, then I never get stuck with 8 or 10 lb weights. Trust me when I say, pick up LIGHT weights. High reps, lightweights, mixed with HIIT kickboxing.
  • ENERGIZE – Seriously, nothing happens in my day without energizing. I drink it before my home workout, before I teach, sometimes in the afternoon. All-natural and plant-based.  No jitters, just clarify and focus. It’s the habit trigger or cue for working. Energize is the cue, fitness is the habit, and the reward is feeling like a badass! I mix it with a scoop of collagen every morning! 
  • Lipgloss –  I don’t leave the house without lipgloss on and at least several at my disposal while I’m out and about. I have an obsession with lipgloss and have an unusually large collection. 
  • My phone – Must have as I play music for classes!
  • Sunglasses – I don’t leave home without them.
  • A jacket – I never walk into the gym without a jacket on, no matter how hot it is. I think it’s more professional to start with a jacket and remove it when I teach class.

I am so excited to incorporate Julie’s favorites items into my gym bag. I believe having a perfect bag helps you feel more comfortable, committed and excited while approaching your preferred form of exercise. It looks like we all have some shopping to do to!


We want to know – What items are a must-have in your gym bag? Share them with us!

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AUTHOR: Sarah Tuttle
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